Military-Vehicles: [MV] Brakes and my rookie opinion...

[MV] Brakes and my rookie opinion...

Scott Strance (
Wed, 1 Oct 97 13:56:58 UT

Yesterday, I removed the heat shield backing plate just under the exhaust pipe
on my M38A1. I was amazed at the heat generated at that point in the exhaust
system. The metal plate was a bit warped and the asbestos was pretty well
destroyed. I found it very interesting that just on top of that plate sits
the master cylinder and input lines for front/rear brakes. (I'm down to
drivetrain & engine only on the frame so yes, it was very easy!)

I propose that regardless of the load of the jeep and it's carrying capacity,
stopping under full force would not generate near the heat that the exhaust
manifold/pipe generates while accelerating to and driving at speed. This
would be true on even short trips. Therefore, I would lean more towards the
evaporative aspects of the fluid over time with the heat generated as the
primary driver to the process.

Is this a workable theory???

Austin, Texas
53 M38A1

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