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[MV] MV Names

Joe Baker (
Thu, 02 Oct 1997 22:11:52 -0400

During my tour in Vietnam in 69-70, I remember many of the gun trucks
had large pieces of "nose art" painted on the flanks. Gun trucks were
generally 5 ton trucks with a fabricated box mounted in the cargo box.
The box was normally made of 1/2" steel plate about 4 feet high, usually
lined with 2x6 lumber. The purpose of the lumber was to keep the
incoming bullets from bouncing around the inside of the box. Usually 3
to 4 machine guns were mounted on the trucks, a 50 cal on the ring mount
over the cab, a 50 cal mounted on a ped mount in the center of the box
and 1 or 2 M-60 7.62mm mounted on pindle mounts directly on the box. I
remember seeing variations to include one that had no steel box only a
wooden box filled with sand bags, and a number that had M113 hulls minus
all of its running gear and wheels mounted in the box.

The "nose art" was always interesting, I think that I have photos of the
beasts in my files somewhere, perhaps I can get them scaned and place
them on the Web somewhere. One I remember particularly was the "Widow
Maker" and another said "Budda the great Greek God" (obviously the
driver was not a student of religion!). The art was always uplifing to
check out!

Joe Baker
Major, Cavalry
1/2 ACR, Bindlach, FRG (77-80)
418 Med Co (AMB), RVN (69-70)

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