Military-Vehicles: [MV] WW2 Dodge Page / Marble Reflectors

[MV] WW2 Dodge Page / Marble Reflectors

David Robinson (
Thu, 2 Oct 1997 12:29:30 +1000

Hi List,

Thanks to all who have contacted me about my new WW2 Dodge Page.

If you haven't already stopped on by, please check it out at:

I am particularly keen to create and maintain a list of parts
suppliers as WW2 Dodge parts are often hard to find. If you know of a
business or individual who has stocks of WW2 Dodge (not M37) parts,
please send their contact details to me for addition to the list.

On the question of marble reflectors, they are definitely of US
origin. I think they were pre-war commercial reflectors which were
fitted to early to mid war-time production. The main brand name was
"King Bee" but I have seen other types too. For what it's worth,
there were, I believe, 3 types of reflector fitted to 1/2 ton Dodges
- the early "flat" (ie low profile) round type (same style as fitted
to GP jeeps maybe?), then marble reflectors and finally the common
round Corcoran/Brown reflectors.


David Robinson. Brisbane. Australia.

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