Military-Vehicles: [MV] Military Vehicle Auction

[MV] Military Vehicle Auction
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 21:46:36 -0400 (EDT)

Kruse International auction service, best known for their antique car
auctions, is advertising an auction of two vintage auto collections. The sale
bill lists military vehicles and parts. The auction will be held at 1010 West
Main Street, Oklahoma City, Okla. at 10am on Saturday, October 25, 1997.

The sale bill lists the military vehicles as follows:

1962 Unit Rig high speed trencher; 1962 White M275-A1 tractor; half track
military engine; 1952 GMC XM221 tractor; 1967 M715 Kaiser jeep without
engine; two M715 Kaisers; ten Dodge M37s 1952 to 1966; military goose neck
trailer; two dodge M37-B1; 1954 REO M95 truck; 1941 Dodge 4 door command car;
1940 Dodge 4WD bomb boom service truck; 1971 M561 Gama-Gort 6x6 truck; 1951
GMC PG A3301 stub nose troop bus; jeep in poor condition; 1965 crushed jeep;
1951 M38 jeep; restored 1943 Ford jeep; 1962 M151 Ford jeep restored; 1948
Willys CJ2A jeep; new canvas tops for jeeps and trucks; hundreds of military
parts for jeeps and trucks.

This is all the information I have, and I won't have an opportunity to try to
see anything before the auction. I'm not aware of a web site for Kruse. I
have no commercial or any other connection with Kruse. Their phone number is
800-968-4444. They are located in Auburn Ind.

Sam Hamilton, Stillwater, Okla.

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