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[MV] Re: M8 Greyhound Gearbox

Douglas Greville (
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 17:08:21 +0930


Hope I am not being a nuisance but I have a query regarding the
gearbox in my M8 Greyhound.
In case you are not familiar with the vehicle, they use a JXD Hercules
with a Ford (I think) WG-T95 box (or thats what the parts manual calls
it). I believe it to be an adaptation of a fairly standard pre-war
truck gearbox, in that the motor is mounted facing rearwards and it
uses a remote, reverse pattern gear shift.

Now for the problem - I find it almost impossible to do a 3rd to 2nd
gear downshift. To the best of my knowledge the box is syncro except
for 1st and reverse. Double clutching does not seem to make a
difference. When the vehicle is stationary shifting from 3rd to 2nd
feels just the same as the other gears. This would seem to indicate
that the problem exists only under load?

Could this be a synro cluster problem (according to the speedo the
vehicle has only done about 1000 miles since military rebuild) maybe
something has too little tolerance and may eventually wear in. Or
is it a characteristic of the box or worse an indication of something


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