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Re: [MV] Gauges: (formerly Radioactive)

Michael Meister (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 10:56:25 -0600 (CST)

Speaking of original gauges, I have several that function properly, but
cosmetically they're trash. For instance my speedometer: the black
paint on
the face has shrunk over time, thus developing a cracked, or "crazed"
surface. What is the solution to this? Since the gauge still works, I
don't want to trash it and fork over $$$ for a NOS one "just to be pretty",
but I don't want
to spend the same amount of money sending it to someone to refurbish it.
How much do these people charge for their services?

In an unrelated area: The generator on my '43 GPW does not have the same
data tag as most "restored" jeeps have. This particular tag is NOT the
red "AutoLite" ID plate, but a smaller rectangular metal plate that has
"GPW" and several numbers stamped into it (some of the numbers are
overstruck - so it looks like they were hand-stamped.) The pulley has a
GP or GPW part number on it, so I'm sure this generator is original to
this jeep (or at least to a Ford jeep.) Could this plate be a replacement
riveted on by a motor pool, or are certain GPW generators marked in this



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