Military-Vehicles: Re: [MV] Submarine Source?

Re: [MV] Submarine Source?

Arthur C. Kyle ((no email))
Wed, 29 Oct 97 09:21:17 -0800

Two list members spoke about off-topic postings:
>>Any bets who is going to be the first person getting a hard smack from

>Well, in a technical sense, aircraft, submarines, and ships ARE
>military vehicles, just not on land.

As long as they don't go on forever or displace discussions on
wheeled or tracked vehicles, I'm not worried about occasional
threads like this or the radioactivity question. These are related
to the hobby and the information is interesting. When such threads
do devolve into frivolity, mere wise-cracks, or clearly non-mv
topics, then I may gently apply the cattle prod.

>Look guys, Guy Fawkes Night soon can I have a Titan V to let off?

The Titan V was a proposed modification to the Titan line but AFAIK
was never made. Perhaps you were referring to a Saturn V, the launch
system of the Apollo missions. THAT was a big rocket. But you'd
need to be asking for than a penny if you wanted to build one of
them now. See <> for
details. Follow-ups to, please.

--Arthur Kyle, mil-veh list admin

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