Military-Vehicles: [MV] '41 Dodge Master Cylinder

[MV] '41 Dodge Master Cylinder

U. N. Owen (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 13:42:58 -0600

Hello list,

Mr brother and I are working on our 41 WC-6 Command Car.
I was blasting the bellhousing and pulled the brake
master cylinder off. After looking at the master cylinder, I got
side tracked and started to take it apart. After pulling the cover
off, I saw that the inside was 1/4 full of rusty flakes. I blasted it
out and suprisingly it came out very clean. Now I don't understand
the operational concept of a master cylinder, I've never really
looked at one up close until now. Hopefully you guys can help
answer a few questions. Now, try to follow along.

There is a "push rod" attached to the brake pedal that runs into the
master cylinder. That's simple enough, but the question is this. Where
this "push rod" enters the master cylinder, it enters a hole that is
cone shaped. Is the "push rod" meant to push this cone shaped
apparatus forward (ours doesn't move at all, is it supposed to?) which
creates the pressure? If so, ours seems to be rusted in place, any
suggestions on freeing it up? I hate to just start banging away!

Next, inside the master cylinder fluid resevoir, at the bottom, there are
two small holes. Obviously to allow fluid passage. It looks like only one
of the holes is actually drilled completely through into the passage on
the other side. The other hole seemst to stop about half way, therefore
going nowhere. Is this hole actually clogged?

Lastly, I've got 3 of these things and none of them are in working order.
Where can I get one, if I can't get any of these working? What would be
a average price I can expect?

Thanks in advance,

Corey Elliott

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