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Re: [MV] Submarine Source?

Colin Brookes (
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 08:54:32 +1200

In message <>, Jim Webster
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>Blimey! Is that place still there??? I remember going there in thelate 70's -
>they only just let us in - I guess the army uniforms swung it.. I still have
>the photo's of that place then.. piles of churchill tanks, DUKW's, M10's,
>crates full of trailes of all types... amazing place. Only place I see
>anything like it these days is in eastern europe. I must piut those pictures
>up on the website sometime.
>> Did you get to meet up with Eddy Smith at Beltring ?
>Is this the eddy smith drives a jeep, lives near Manningtree, Essex? If it is
>tell the old reprebate to get himself online...
>The Simonides Group
>Military Archeology, Restoration and Reclamation
>Go Anywhere - Reclaim Anything"

Hi Jim,

That's the Eddy Smith that lives near Manningtree.....but you aint never
seen im wiv a xxxjeepxxx boi !! And this is the Colin Brookes (who
you've also never seen wiv a xxxjeepxxx), as first met you in 1988 at
Carver Barracks.....the 'Operations Room' the days of EAMVP and Mk4 Amphib Ferret......Blue and Trevor Jones.

regards from an old 'Angle Iron'
Colin Brookes
Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society (IMPS)

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