Re: [MV] GPW headlight flicker
Sat, 4 Jul 1998 17:54:31 EDT

In a message dated 7/3/98 9:06:20 PM EST, writes:

<< Hi folks, I recently put a GPW on the road and I've found that the
headlights flicker quite a bit when traveling. I'm assuming that is not
normal but I could be wrong about that. I never noticed this when idling.
I've checked for loose connections and found none, the fan belt is tight
as well. What I find odd is that the dash lights do not seem to flicker
at all.
All the lights brighten slightly when RPMs increase off idle, which if I
recall correctly, is normal for vehicles with a generator. The lights
really dim (almost to the point of being off) when I pull into my
driveway, which happens to be steep, so the engine bogs down a bit.
Could this be a sign of a voltage regulator problem? >>
Had the exact same problem a few weeks ago. I thought I had broken a wire,
inside the insulation, where they meet the junction block. Actually it turned
out that my dimmer foot switch was coming loose from its mounting to the
floor. (Not where the wires connect, where it is screwed to the floorboard.)
Tightened it up and no more flicker. Check this out before you tear into your
voltage regulator!

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