Re: [MV] Found For Sale: 1/2 WC

Mark C. Johnson (
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 14:24:14 -0400

This truck is a WC-1. There is no bed to the truck. I saw it there about
three weeks ago. The fellow who has it is sort of a MV enthuiest. My
father towed a mite mite to be repaired at that house. In my opinion the
truck is good as a parts truck for most people unless you are a WC fanatic
and can afford to do a full blown restro. All of the glass is missong and
there is no bottom to the seat as well. Just matters if you want a WC1 or
not I think about 10,000 were made.

Mark C. Johnson
Harrisburg Pa

> I was driving near Fort Indian Town Gap, and about 5 miles
> from the post was this truck. I stopped to give it a quick look ( I am
> picking up my CMP C-15A next weekend and was not in the market for
> Dodge WC......)
> It is still original army green with hood number " USA 2070067 S".
> It is missing the bed completely. The windshield is gone and also the
> seat bottom. Motor is there along with all the original dash plates.
> The roof wasn't crushed. It is very rusty but the pitting kind, not
> the flaky kind. If you sandblasted it, you would need a coating of
> filler to smooth the pits.
> The cab is missing a plate over the stick shift area. The cab has rust
> through about 6 square inches worthin the floor and cab corners. The
> windshield posts weren't rusted out.Frame looked sound on quick
> inspection. The sign says 1942, 6 cyl 1/2 ton weapons carrier.

> Contact 717-469-2480" the name on the mailbox was Geesaman

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