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Subject: [MV] Vendors for CMP parts in UK/Europe

> Hi List,
> For the UK and European members, can you provide the names and points
> of contact for merchants or collectors dealing in CMP parts, Ideally,
> for the No.13 cab 15 cwt truck or the 8cwt CMP HUP?
There are no dealers, these are truly rare vehicles. The few private owners
have already scoured the land for parts and hand-make most of the missing
The route to a correctly and well restored CMP is neither easy or quick.

> I must have 25 catalogs for "M" series US trucks and Jeeps for here in
> the States.....there has got to be similar dealers in the UK/Europe
> that have listings that you lads routinely use for take-off, fittings,
> nuts ,bolts and the like.
Which probably accounts for the popularity and numbers of these types,
Australia is a better bet since the larger amount of surplus went there.
The M series took some 4 pages of double columns to list at Beltring this
weekend, the CMP's didn't make the fingers of one hand.

Best of Show, medium truck and CMP was taken by a vehicle that lives but 400
yds from here and I have had the privilege of getting my hands dirty on it
quite regularly ! It may still be featured on Rod Diery's CMP page and is
in the current
W & T.

(Southampton UK)

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