[MV] M151A2 Lube

Russell Bong (rbong@cda.com)
Wed, 22 Jul 98 10:14:45 -0500

Now that I have my long desired mutt, what civilian lube should I use in
the following:

a. tranny
b. transfer case (if different from the tranny)
c. differential
d. master cylinder

there is also mention of greasing two areas in the distributor (I don't
have the manual with me so I can't be more precise at this moment). What
grease should I use?

What about grease for the grease joints?

Thanks again for all of your help on the transfer case bearing question.

Jeep Nut in Training

M151A2 (Viet Nam era Jeep) with M4 mount and M60 all pulling a M416 trailer
(that small two wheeled trailer that holds up to about 3/4 ton).

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