Re: [MV] M715 - What lube to put in trany and xfer case ?

DP Dusenbury (
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 09:24:54 -0400

> > > I'm planing to change the fluids in my recently acquired M715 but don't
> > > know what to put back into the transmission and transfer case. Engine
> > > oil ?, gear oil ? what weight ? and how much of the stuff do I need ?
> > >

Found it! This is the email I had saved, orig topic was putting a
cooler on the xfer case, since that seems to be the failure point at
high speeds.

This as from Alan Bowes:

>>>Getting back to the initial reason for this, however, is the issue of
heat. These transfer cases do produce a bit of heat, especially when
operated at higher speeds. However, since you don't have to worry about
things like clutch plates and synchronizer rings (which require a
certain amount of "grip"), you can use the slipperiest available oil. A
synthetic gear lube that is NOT approved for use with limited slip
differentials will help minimize friction in the transfer case, which
reduces heat. In addition, their easy-flow characteristics also help to
reduce heat. And, perhaps more importantly, it should also tend to
provide better high-temperature film/shear strength and protection.


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