Re: [MV] Training kit, pontoon bridge
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 06:48:50 EDT

My sincere thanks to all of you that responded to my post concerning
the pontoon bridge kits. I'm boggled. I realize that a complete kit would
be worth something to certain people, but I know none of the kits is a
full 100% complete. I noted a tag on one box that listed items missing.
In other boxes I noticed that lids (caps) were missing from some of the
small parts canisters. One kit was missing the rod and reel, another the
reel and others the ball of string for the rod and reel. Since this is a buy
all or none, I figure if I did buy all and rob from kits to make a complete
kit or two, I'm apt to wind up with a bunch of incomplete, heavy and low
value trunks. These kits would be difficult to haul to swap meets as they
would take up so much room and are hard to tote by myself (I hauled
some trunks out to examine the contents). So, unless I find that there is
a market for them now, I'll think about it some more before finalizing a deal.
I am in New Jersey, far from most people that have an interest in the kits.

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