Sun, 26 Jul 1998 22:07:14 -0500

Hello list!

Over the weekend, I picked up a K-38 1/4 ton Signal Corps trailer.

It is missing the rear wall and top "hatch" along with what I believe is
a tray which looks like the inside of an old tool box. I am looking for
any information, parts, original data plates (mine are missing) tires,
etc. The original O.D. is still under the fendors and is an exact color
match to what was on the back side of my GPW fendors.

Also, a guy I recently met a guy who owns a Converto trailer. He is
actually a good friend of another friend of mine in the hobby. He asked
me to see of there was any information on this trailer. My friend thinks
the frame may have been added later; the dump portion is in good
condition with the original data plates located in 2 spots.


1943 GPW

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