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Just tried a few searches at the AWM. I still come up with "zero" results.
This looks as though it will be good when it's working. They've just
completed a major rebuild of the entire physical AWM premises so it may be a
business hours type of operation in the short term.


John (Sydney)
BTW , any listers wanting A4 b/w photos from the above series please let any
MVPA jeep owner know. Hi Gloss shots at $1.00US each. Framable quality. Old
calendar stock about to be dumped. Need room for jeep parts.

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>The Australian War Memorial in Canberra has a search facility that may be
>of interest to list members.
>I recall recently a list member discussing jeeps used as railway "engines"
>during the war. The AWM site has a larg lst of images of jeep trains in the
>Pacific area of WWII. A range of wheel configurations were used. The AWM
>URL is : .
>By way of interest, if list members from other countries (UK, USA, Canada,
>etc) have similar addresses for their National Archives repository, perhaps
>they can oblige with the URL.
>Bruce Gilbert
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