Re: [MV] M1 Garand

James Burrill (
05 Jan 1999 11:46:01 -0600

Richard, I can't speak to the value of the gun because I collect
Enfields... but question of carrying it in a parade is as hot, diverse
topic. In fact, there have been some posts about guns and MVs in just
the past few weeks.

For my 2 cents, worth:

When driving my C-15 around town to "exercise" it or charge battries
etc, I wear normal street clothes and have no weapons aboard.

If I am in a parade or displaying a vehicle, I wear the appropriate
British Army WWII uniform and have all weapons that would have been
typical...If that means a Vickers on my carrier or a Webly .45 in a
holster on me.

As a reenactor, I am used to having weapons that are firable and have
blanks only at the same location as the gun. After years of experiance
with blank firing weapons around the public, I KNOW I am not a threat
to the spectators at a show or parade. There are always people that
just KNOW that a otherwise sane person will automatically turn into a
maniac as soon as he gets a gun in his hand and you will never change
their mind.

Convincing some event hosts of ththat you are safe is another matter.
Some organizers go into convulsions if you tell them your machine gun
is real. (Hellooooo! it's mounted on a Tank!!!!)

This is outside the situation of where the event is held on a site
that already has regulations governing firearms. In that case you obey
their rules or you don't go.

If it is not set in stone, you might educate the organizers to the
realities of firearms as used in displays. Depending how "PC" the
organizers are, you might win or you might not.
Bottom line is obey the laws, If you can't educate them to the fact
that the displays with real weapons can be done safely, don't support
the event if it is a matter of principle.

Personally, I would still go to a parade without the guns if the event
organzer was stuck with existing rules...and he had a good attitude.
Getting the Green Thing seen by the public is still better than not
seeing them at all.


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Subject: [MV] M1 Garand
Author: at Internet-USA
Date: 1/5/99 10:29 AM

At our MV meeting last night one of the members brought an M1 he had
just purchased thru Springfield Armory thru a dealer. It was converted
to NATO and had 3 digit number painted on stock. I believe he paid 600
for it and it was rough. I couldn't see if barrel was pitted because of
light, lack of scope and he hadn't got all the cosmo out of barrel.
I've heard that Match condition in very good shape may go 1200 and would
like to know where these might be found. And wx it is a good idea to
pack these around in a parade. My initial impression is that it would be
problematic. Richard

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