[MV] Reproduction body parts

John Walz (John.Walz@house.leg.state.mn.us)
Tue, 05 Jan 1999 13:22:11 -0600

I have a 51 M38 that needs fenders and a hood. I have seen reporduction =
fenders and hoods in several catalogs including Quadratech and J.C. =

Does any one have experience with these parts? I need to know if the =
fenders and hood are exact duplicates. Especially the hood. I assume I =
will have to cut the opening for the snorkel kit but is the hood stamped =
the same way with the groove down the center? Are the parts stamed just =
to fit or are they made to be exact replicas? =20
If anyone knows of other (hopefully inexpensive) sources for these parts, =
please let me know!


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