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Chief William von Zehle (
Tue, 05 Jan 1999 15:56:20 -0500

I had the same problem with a couple of "trophies" I picked up as well. Found a
perfect BMP-2 with dead batteries the day after the ground war ended southwest of
Basra. Tried to jump start it using an M1008 CUCV. Clamped the negative jumper
cable to the brush guard of the CUCV. When I tried to crank it over (the Russian
word for starter is "starter" but in Cyrillic), it arced and burned a hole right
through the brush guard! Wouldn't start, so I thought it might have had a master
switch or something. The first switch I hit set off the smoke grenade
launchers! Since there was a "Sagger" ATGM on the rail ready to fire, I decided
descretion was the better part of valour so I left the BMP where it was. Later
that day, I did get an M1984 APC going and brought it back to our laager.
Unfortunately, my lieutenant "wouldn't let me keep it" for my Army Reserve unit
(damn 2LTs!) so I donated it to the 3rd AD museum. Last I saw it was on a
flatbed headed toward Kuwait. (With the demise of the 3rd AD, I wonder if I
could get it back. Doubtful!)

William von Zehle, Jr. (MVPA 593)
SFC, USAR wrote:

> William von Zehle wrote:
> >CUCVs (M1008) or visually similar Chevy pickups used by US and Iraq.
> >T72s (and similar M80 used by Kuwait), BMPs, BTRs, M1984s (Soviet APC)
> >used by Egypt and Syria (coalition) and Iraq.
> >M113s used by US and Iraq.
> >East German military cargo trucks used by Syria and Iraq.
> >Panhard armoured cars used by France and Iraq.
> >(The list goes on. No wonder there was so much fratricide!)
> My unit (4/7 IN, 3rd ID attached to 1AD) also wound up with a Russian water
> truck. Looked like a big ZIL, with six wheel drive, manual transmission, and
> those big Russian "V" tread tires. All gauges and data plates had Cyrillic
> writing, and while we could figure out how to fill the water tank (held about
> 1,000 gallons) none of us grunts could ever figure out how to operate all the
> pumps and gauges. It was dropped off at the battalion field trains, prior to
> ground day, with no explanation other than that some of our new European
> friends had sent it along as a show of support. Wish I'd had the sense to take
> a picture, although I did take it for a short spin around the AO. Figured that
> out there even a 1LT wasn't too dangerous behind the wheel given the general
> lack of trees and buildings to run into.
> Chris DeWitt
> 52 M-38
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