Re: [MV] Authorities

Andy Michalski (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 22:59:10 -0600

jonathon wrote:
> If you talking about the vacuum modulator, this is not requried for the
> trany to shift it only alters at what speed it shifts at when under heavy
> (heavier) acceleration. I just junked a truck with a THM400 and the
> modulator was disconnected... the truck drove just fine.

If you dont mind the really high rpms before the tranny goes for the
next gear.

BTW, if you are
> using a vacuum pump on a Diesel to run the modulator then there must be some
> intermediate device that connects to the throttle linkage to modulate the
> vacuum signal going to the vacuum modulator, this is why most Diesel's use
> cable modulators.
Aye, there is a device which regulates the vacuum signal to the tranny
on the FI pump. However, the 6.2/TH400 doesnt use a cable modulator,
only vacuum.

84 M1009

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