Re: [MV] Demil Humvee pictures

Chuck Chriss (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 10:56:04 -0800

There is some information in an article in the December 1998 issue of Petersen's 4Wheel &
Off-Road magazine (page 70). They specifically go through differences between the
civilian Hummer and the military HMMWV and conclude its mostly cosmetic. The civilian
body even has the fittings for military composite lights and other attachments.


>Has anybody compiled a list of differences between military HMMWV's and
>civilian Hummers that's detailed enough to help somebody who's
>contemplating doing a restoration? I think it would be helpful to know
>which basic chassis and suspension parts are different/similar/identical to
>corresponding parts in civilian vehicles from the same year. Can components
>such as the frame and control arms be replaced with civilian spares?

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