Re: [MV] SdKfz 2 Kettenkraftrad, any exit today.

Michael Carradine (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 11:59:40 -0800 (PST)

At 11:35 AM 1/26/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi list,
> After seeing Saving Private Ryan with my boys, one of the vehicles
>they really thought was neat was the German half-track motorcycle. I was
>just wondering if any of this vehicles are in the U.S. on display or do
>any exist today at all?
> It always surprises me on the number of specialized vehicles and
>weapons that the Germans came up with before and during the war. Later
>Dan Bever
>MVPA 18507

There is at least Kettenrad I know of. It shows up at the
MVCC (Military Vehicle Collectors of California) meet every
year mid-late April at the Big Bear campground in Waterford
(between Modesto and Yosemite), CA. This year it may also
be at the National in San Jose, CA.

-Michael Carradine

1950 Series I 80" Land Rover ex-MOD
1955 Unimog 404.111 ex-French Army Pritsche

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