Re: [MV] 900-20 M35 wheels on an M37

DP Dusenbury (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 22:38:32 -0500

> I then came across a Co. with 11x 2" thick Carbon steel discs. After
> taking them to the Machine shop, they cut an exact 4.75" center hole, to
> which I mill .790" holes for the M35 studs and the holes for the Dodge
> studs. I would advise you to bevel the holes, for the Dodge lugnuts to
> seat into. These discs weigh about 75lbs EACH!!! Yikes, but strong as

I have ended up headed for stock size tires on my M715, but just out of
interest, what did these adapters set you back? and where was it you
found the disks??

DP     (O|||||||O)

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