Re: [MV] FUEL???
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 19:43:56 -0800

For all of you guys out there with the diesel dye questions, different
states are governed by different regulatory commissions. For example:
the Texas "diesel police", are assigned to the
These guys do mean business and do carry dye dipsticks. We got pulled
over towing my M37 on a trailer, in Texas. They dipped our tank, thanked
us and let us go.
They will stop and fine any diesel rig out there, that they think that
they can catch using it.

Calif and Ariz have similar Gestapo and they will look for colored fuel.
However, the dual tank system is what we discussed all the way thru
Texas. We were told that the red dyed fuel Never comes out of the
metals, tank, etc? Hype by the enforcement boys? I don't know, but the
fuel was .79 in Oklahoma, so we filled our 145 gallon tank and plugged
along.............. whatever you do, think twice and cut once..........

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