Re: [MV] FUEL???

jonathon (
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 00:21:22 -0600

At 08:10 AM 1/20/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I have an endless supply of furnace # 2 diesel fuel and I have a multi-fuel
>69 Kaiser 2.5 ton truck.
>Do any of you see any possibilities for me on this?? should I add something
>like Outboard Mix to my fuel if I burn it?? if so how much?? is that enough
>lube in the fuel to get the job done?? what about long term effects?? do I
>need more or less sulfur?? and what can I add to fix this problem...... the
>manual lists this fuel as an "emergency fuel".. but is there an
>alternative?? thanks

A friend of mine, actually my accountant, has been burning fuel oil in his
cars and vans for something like 20 years. He does not add anything
normally. I think I adds the ussual anti-gel stuff in the winter but that is

He has 2 seperate fuel tanks, one in the house and one in the garage
serviced by 2 different fuel companies. I guess a guy could save a bunch of
tax money that way, but I wonder how long before someone might turn you in.


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