[MV] Landing Craft

John Hutterer (john.hutterer@deltec.com)
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 12:51:18 -0500


This comes under the heading of "for what it's worth". For those interested
in really large Military Vehicles, DRMO is holding a sale at Fort Eustis
Virginia and it looks as though they are selling off all of the assets of
the 7th Transportation Group. For sale are: a 100 ton floating crane, a
floating machine shop, a floating warehouse, two tug boats, several barges,
and a dozen Navy type Landing Craft. The landing Craft are 69 feet long and
21 feet wide, so they would be of limited use in a land-locked state, but
interesting never-the-less. By the way, they were all dry-docked within the
past three years. Inspection is open until the 30th of September. For more
info look under Special Sales on the DRMO website. Any former Admirals out
there who want to start their own Navy?


John Hutterer
Sen. Eng. Lab. Tech.
SIMS Deltec

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