Re: [MV] Red Lights and things

Julian Burke (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 07:52:46 -0400

Hello, I'm not sure what fire dept you have but I have never heard of any
municiple letting ANY emergency lights, be it police or fire departments
letting the lighting group go with the vehicle. It is unlawful for this to
happen. ONLY lawful organizations can buy this type equipment and are never
sold to the public. Here in Knoxville, they are always stripped of these
and REUSED on new vehicles. They are NEVER sold surplus to the public!
Another reason is that these lighting groups are very expensive. Sincerely,

>If you aquire your trucks from a fire department or the like, as many of ou
>did, and you took off any emergancy equipment, please contact me off the
>list with what you have, the condition, and how much you want for it. What
>TAMSAR has been doing is buying older equipment, and working with the local
>county volunteer and city (paid) departments we have been fixing up the
>equipment, and dontaing it to the local volunteers, as well as small
>departments in the area, and around texas.

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