Re: [MV] How to plug oil filter on GPW
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 07:34:24 -0400 (EDT)


In my opinion any old unrebuilt motor should run nondetergent oil. The reason is that a detergent oil could break loose the sludge and deposits and clog the oil pickup. If you have had the oil pan off an engine and it doesn't look too bad, then I would run detergent oil. I also like to use magnetic drain plugs.

Dave Fillman
45 MB

---- you wrote:
> >I have read in the All American Wonder Vol 1, that a certain individual
> >recommended blocking off the inlet to the oil filter. He stated that because
> >of the bypass type flow, this was an inefficient system and might actually
> >take oil volume away from main bearings, etc. I was curious to see if anyone
> >has actually done that.
> I've heard lots of people do this. I didn't however.
> The next question I would have is, if your going to remove the filter from
> the oil system, then should you be using NON-detergent motor oil, like you
> would run in any small engine that does not have a filter????? Inquiring
> minds want to know!
> je

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