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Subject: [MV] need LR crossmember

>The rear crossmember of my '67 ex-MoD 109 is in need of replacement. I have
>a new civilian crossmember, but can't bring myself to weld it on as it would
>not be correct. Does someone know of a source for a new or good used
>military crossmember. It can be identified by the absense of a PTO hole and
>has extra reinforcements around the ends where the airlift hooks bolt
There are several specialist LR sites around that might help, a net search would
be useful.

I suspect you will have to re-work the civvy cross-member to the mil pattern,
its unlikely that the mil ever sourced them as a spare since when it rots out
the vehicle would be considered BER anyway, why should the army worry, "we" buy
them a new vehicle.

At the time you mention my late father was OIC of the now defunct REME base
workshop in Portsmouth, during this period govt policy was to assign a
maintenance budget to every vehicle and when exceeded the vehicle was scrapped.
This threw up some silly anomalies and made occasionally excellent vehicles
available, eg., vehicle as new ex workshops after deep refurbishment, a few
miles down the road the windscreen gets broken, budget exceeded, scrap.

I'll ask around here, but don't hold your breath.

(Southampton UK)

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