Re: [MV] M-35A2 starting question
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:36:47 EDT

I've found that both ether and ether/oil blends are often over used.
Spraying a rag with ether or soaking the rag in gasoline (petrol) and putting
that rag adjacent to the air intake works very well. Remember you are trying
to get the engine started on it's proper fuel, NOT run it on the ether or
gasoline fumes. Using a small amount of vapor will help make the necessary
heat to ignite the diesel when it's injected.

That horrible knocking is greatly diminished or eliminated entirely by the
rag method. Remember the knocking is detonation of the substitute fuel,
causing peak cylinder pressures BEFORE TDC, which is definitely not
desirable. This causes extreme pressures being put on wrist (gudgeon) pins,
rod bearings and as Richard said, side loads on the piston skirts.

I also agree that if the engine in question has a manifold heater, any type
of starting fluid would be totally inadvisable unless it could be introduced
down stream of the heating element, which would be very difficult at best.

The best thing is to simply keeping your starting devices, heaters or glow
plugs, in good working order. These vehicles were all intended to be used in
both hot and cold weather so if they are maintained properly they should
start in all but the most extreme weather. If the colder weather is your
problem, a block heater, oil pan heater or similar device will go a LONG way
to make your MV start just like it does in the summer.

Stuart Robinson
Redmond, WA

>>The M35 Multifuels have a manifold heater. Don't recommend ether.

>I'm with Jim; ether, Ez-start or whatever they call it is desperately
>bad for a diesel.

>Every diesel I've met gets addicted to it after the first attempt and the
>clanking you hear when it fires on ether is the pistons getting
>from one side of the bore to the other as the ether detonates. No thanks,
>for desperate emergencies only.

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