[MV] M38A1 Electrical Questions

Adrienne B. Banks (andybanks@usinternet.com)
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 17:32:19 -0500

Need help on several electrical points:

Looking at the ORD 9 (September 1956) for the M38A1, it appears that the
correct instrument cluster gauges include an ammeter (charge/discharge)
and a 0?120 psig oil pressure gauge. My jeep originally had a bat-gen
gauge and 0-60 psig oil pressure gauge la the M170. When I was on
active duty way back when (late 1950s), I distinctly recall the bat-gen
gauge. Did the Army come out with a change order (after September 1956)
converting to these M170 gauges, or did it happen on an ad-hoc basis to

I'm trying to sort out the "authentic" (if there is such a thing) way to
go. I bought an NOS ammeter, which I have installed along with a new
wiring harness, but it is in perpetual motion, all over the scale, when
the engine is running. Could this be due to sticking reed switches in
the Autolite generator regulator; if so how do I correct the problem?
Can I rebuild the regulator, or do I need to replace it? I've been told
that replacement is the only option and that available replacement
regulators will force me to use the bat-gen gauge. Is this correct?

Thanks for your hand-holding of a new MV type.


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St. Paul, Minnesota 55108-1313

1954 M38A1

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