[MV] DRMO Auctions--The End?????

Cliff Dahl (wrcc@rapidnet.com)
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 22:13:26 -0600

I just received a letter from the DRMO National Sales Office in Battle
Creek MI. The letter states that the majority of all surplus useable
inventory (this is the good stuff like vehicle parts, vehicles, canvas,
tools, ect) will be awarded to a single firm on a "proceeds sharing" basis.
The letter also says that this program was started in 1998 with 312
Federal Supply Classifications. That contract was awarded to Levy/Latham
The program that is being awarded this November is called "Commercial
Venture II".

Since I have purchased a lot of surplus over the last 18 years at these
sales, I thought I better call the local DRMO to find what this meant to
me. It turns out that there are no dates set for future sales and all the
surplus is already being loaded and trucked out of this area. The person I
spoke with at our local DRMO said it was happening all over the United
States, and most of the DRMO personnel were not happy about it. They would
just as soon see local people benefit from the surplus.

Has anyone else heard about this or what effect it will have on the surplus
vehicle/parts market? Is this the same program that prompted the sale of
the Humvees? Has anyone heard of or done business with Levy/Lathem??

Any answers would be appreciated.

Cliff Dahl

1942 M2A1 halftrack
1952 M38A1 jeep
1952 M135 duece
1966 M35A2 duece
1953 M105 trailer
1966 M105 trailer
and a whole bunch of surplus (including humvee doors and soft top) that I
purchased at the last sale that I will be selling in the future.

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