Re: [MV] Temperature Sensor on MB/GPWs

jonathon (
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 23:08:40 -0500

>Speaking of chisels and easy-outs.

Speaking of chisels and easy-outs, part 2. In other words 2 things I
thought of since my post this morning.

There are special tools called extractors for for pipe. They are not an
easy out in that they are not tapered. They are round and have small sharp
flutes all along the sides. You can press/pound this into the broken off
pipe nipple and it should work much better than a tapered type of easy out.
Again however, it helps alot to have heated the nipple red to loosen up the
rust bond first. Rigid make them for sure, maybe others.

The other thing is to use chisels as someone else mentioned also. My
favorite type of chisel, meaning they get more use than any others, are
round nose cape chisels. They work real well in collapsing the wall of the
pipe as mentioned by someone else.

Last item then I'll shutup. Never use garden variety schedule 40 pipe
nipples or fittings on an engine. At least get schedule 80 nipples and
better yet, go to a hydraulic supplier and get hydraulic nipples and
fittings. Much heavier wall, better thread quality, better steel, etc.

That is all.


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