Re: [MV] Re: Some interesting correspondence from the MVPA

Geoff Winnington-Ball (
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 14:50:24 -0400

Lisa wrote:
> No, not me. Why do we have old military vehicles
> anyway? They take up our time to restore, cost us
> money, are hard work to get/keep running! We do it
> for love of the hobby. It would be easy to walk
> away from the MVPA, like an old mil-veh: it is run
> down and in need of restoration, and will require
> effort to bring it back where it should be. Should
> we sell it and buy a new Jeep Cherokee? Most of us
> wouldn't dream of trading in our mil-vehs on a new
> SUV--we would rather put the effort into making
> our old vehicles new again. I plan to stay with
> the MVPA, elect better officers, send in my input
> on how the bylaws and organization should be
> changed for the better, display my mil-veh with
> the MVPA sticker, and try to grow and strengthen
> our hobby. It isn't the easiest or most pleasant
> direction to take, but I think it will be better
> in the long run.

> "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."


We have the infrastructure, let's just work with that. I think we WILL
be better off in the long run.

BTW Lisa, now you've filled my head with images of John Belushi - going
to have to go rent Animal House again, dammit! *LOL*


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