Re: [MV] Fw: Some interesting correspondence from the MVPA
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 15:44:07 EDT

In a message dated 10/23/99 3:59:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time,

<< >> We elected to drop The American Story, Inc. from our list of Internet
>> links because of public remarks by your associate, John Seidts.
>> Among other things, his statements included: "The MVPA has had a long
>> standing tradition of problems or 'trouble at the top,' which have left
>> it little more than an old men's marching and chowder club with a very
>> elitist method of approaching its membership," and "I don't know how long
>> you've been in the MVPA, but the old MVCC was like this back in the
>> 1980's. It was bad news then, and is bad news today." >>

This is a quotation from an email, evidently from Jerry Cleveland, regarding
discontinuing a link from the MVPA website to the American Story site. First
of all, I do not personally know either of these folks, although I have had
pleasant email "conversation" both of these gentleman, but...

It reminds me of an experience I've had here in my hobby shop....

There is a local radio control flying club who specifically recommends that
folks not shop at my store, that they buy mail order instead. When I found
this out, by overhearing this on several occasions, I chose to no longer
refer people to this club, nor distribute their literature, nor provide them
with door prizes. I now feel we are on an equal footing.

Hence, I think that people are free to hold, and state any view they may have
about the MVPA, or its leadership, however I feel it is also reasonable for
the MVPA, or its leadership, not to promote contact with individuals or
organizations that they feel do not promote the MVPA. Likewise, if one
doesn't believe that the MVPA is a worthwhile club they shouldn't feel
compelled to join or promote it.

David Doyle

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