[MV] EPA-Emissions-imports

Mon, 25 Oct 1999 13:51:29 EDT

I thought I was home free as this is a 1969 (SUMB) 1.5 ton truck, but seems
at though EPA regulates down to 1967, but I can find what the heck they are
looking for... ???

Does anyone know what they want from me? I tried calling the hot lines...
endless babble of recordings. Tried reading it off the web site.. couldn't

Here is all the web site told me: The Clean Air Act of 1970 gave EPA broad
authority to regulate motor vehicle pollution, and the Agency's emission
control policies have become progressively more stringent since the early

Warning: Did you know the duty for a truck is 10 times more than for a car?
25% of the purchase price is for duty... what a rip!

I found this for non-road vehicles:

Spark-ignition engines above 25 hp are currently not regulated by EPA. These
engines are used in a variety of industrial equipment, including forklifts,
airport ground-service equipment, generators, and compressors. The California
Air Resources Board adopted new emission standards for these engines in
October 1998. EPA intends to pursue an emission control program for these
engines that would extend the California requirements to the rest of the
nation. Application of basic automotive emission control technologies to this
engine category would reduce NOx and HC emissions by 70 to 90 percent.

Engines used in recreational applications, such as go-carts, all-terrain
vehicles, and snowmobiles, are not currently regulated by EPA. EPA intends to
pursue appropriate emission standards for these engines.

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