[MV] Engine Pain Colors - 1952 - M38A1

Thomas M Mc Hugh (tmmchugh@juno.com)
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 11:43:37 -0400

I am a new list member and own a 1952 M38A1 Ser # 20282 with 12 volt
conversion prior to my purchase. It has been painted OD, Forest Green,
Red, White and now Tan. All painting was done on top of each other. It
has rust badly in the front floors.

I have accumulated the parts i needed to bring it back: Gasket kits for
Engine & Transfer Case, Speedometer Cable, Windshield Hinges (upper),
Emergency Brake Pads, Exhaust Gaskets, Rust Sealer (POR 15), Zinc Oxide
Red Primer and Semi Gloss OD Paint with hardener.

I hope i am on the way to joining the fun of driving my old jeep as an
old Army Jeep soon. It is a driver now.

My question is: what colors are under the hood ???

My memory after 43 years service (Army 51-54 / NJARNG 54-84 / USAR 84-94)
was that the Generator, Oil Filter, Air Cleaner and Voltage Regulator
were Black.

Who has a perfect M38A1 that can help me to do the job right the first
Are there any color pictures available ???
Would someone take pictures of a show winning M38A1 if I pay for film and
developing ???

Now i hope i did this right and get answers as good as the ones in the

Thanks to all collectors that gave me so much info while i was reading
archives from 1996 to-date.

MVPA 20225

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