[MV] Gama Goats Float

Tue, 26 Oct 1999 11:25:48 EDT

I know that Gama Goats float . The trick is to have a load in the rear of 400
lbs.(2 big guys with paddles) and to have no more than one of the following:
winch kit, weapon mt., or R.O.P.S. kit. An Evinrude on a NEW tailgate with
NEW seal works great, but requires an individual that can follow shouted, no
screamed, orders.
The angle of approach and departure is very limited without taking on water.
going in is easier than coming out. If the o-rings are not so new, and even
if they are, a thourogh checkover of the hubs is required after swimming.
This is a real pain, and reason enough not to take it swimming.Do not forget
to re-install the drain plugs.
The alvis stalwart "rhino" is REALLY an amphibious vehicle, and the twin
Dowty water turbines make for a lot of manuverability. Reverse thrusters work
with"bobcat" stick controls, and it can be steered with the wheels also at
higher speeds, like when dragging an exasperated skier. This tailgate is so
big that two black max's will fit(just kidding about this).
The gama goat climbs hills better than a rhino or a humvee and does not high
the humvee is the best all around vehicle for actual usability and fords
5'-0" .
The Rhino swims best but only goes 40-45 downhill and screams at that speed.
This is why all three are required , + spares, in any collection, or so I
told my wife...
By the way, The Rhino is about as neat as it gets in the water at night with
the headlights on, as the water comes halfway up the windshield (all the way
up under full power without a load in back) and the captain nemo effect is
just too cool to describe. The water is a murky yellow and snakes and fish
(hopefully no logs)
come up and hit the windshield and scare everybody in the cab (all three) .
do not go into the water with hot headlights by the way...they break and then
there you are, out in the lake with no lights to find your way back.
Can Rhinos still be imported?
john woerheide

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