Re: [MV] Anti-theft in MV

From: Patrick Jankowiak (
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 22:13:20 PST

Speaking of stealing and lowlifes,

When the new section-8 welfare ("affordable housing tennants" for any
democrats on the list) neighbors across the street took to having
several $300 cars in the yard (equipped with high power booming stereos
and $2000 wire rims), I just stolled over to them. I was tired of having
the booming in the house. These folks hang around all day, I never see
them going to work. Maybe they all work the 3rd shift or something.

Before I got within 50 feet, they were hollering "it's cool, we'll turn
it down..". Not to waste a trip across the street, I said thanks, and
said friday/saturday night ok, but weeknights/sunday night it needs to
be so I don't hear it in my house once it gets late.

That having been said, the biggest one asked me if I was in the Army.
(It's not like you can hide an M35 in your driveway). I replied that I
am a military policeman assigned to HQ 19 Bde Texas Guard. Upon that
revelation, one of the guys had to leave (prolly heard his mama
calling), and the others suddenly became kind of nervous, one locked his
car and went in the house. The big 'un wanted to go inside too, I think,
but I kind of stood around and shot the bull with him for a few minutes
while he finished his 40-ounce.

wow, no more loud rap music.. (till friday nite I suppose), and much
cheaper (and friendlier) than the HERF gun I was considering as a
solution to the music. I know that 50KW magnetron's lying around here

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