Re: [MV] A safety warning for loading trailers

From: Paul A. Thomas (
Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 20:36:39 PST


I have to ask: WHAT ' all your ARMY stories ' ? I ran out of fuel one day
and had to eat bulgoki and Kimchee for an afternoon. ( helped down with
some Makali ( I never did develop a liking for that ), Soju and Sake )..
There was that incident trying to pull start a deuce and crashing into a
disabled truck, but it was 15 below 0 degrees: our @$$^$! breathes were
solidifying on the windshield and icing up!

I'm sorry, but I just had to bite at your comment: there's a Salvadorean
restaurant near me ( the best hot sauce I've ever found, bar none ). The
two boys of the folks who own it were Jar Heads... one of them was somewhat
active in Desert Storm, short and beautiful tho it was. They seem to
attract ex-marines from 3 counties over: whenever I go in to enjoy a Rejia
beer, good food and bulls*~! stories about how great life in the Marines
was there are 2 or 3 other ex-marines there. ( the other ex-Marines don't
sell Amway, but they almost always have an angle. an Honest angle mostly (
IMSHO ) but still an angle ) And as my buddy Pete ( Spent a long time in
Nam ) moved to Nevada to avoid the Energy .... Rape ? which happened here
two years ago, I'm the only honorably discharged Army twerp in town ).

On the bright side: I occasionally bring in posts from the list, or MVCC
News or Supply Line... Hugh Hefner WISHES he could raise eyebrows the way
those publications do so there. I'm still working on convincing them they
need a landing craft as a Roach Coach for their weekend stints at the local
drive in.. <G>



At 08:03 PM 2/26/2003 -0800, you wrote:

>Well Paul;
>You know I just cant let this one slide. I have been reading all your
>ARMY stories about Accidents (that involve DAMAGE), and must say that
>Marines dont have those, Ya see we are missing one thing in the Marines-
>DAMAGE! We Marines are Faster than the trucks, thats why there are more
>Marines than trucks in the Corps. ARMY has more trucks than Doggies,
>thusly More Accidents and loss of Vehicles. So my point is that Jarheads
>are just more aware of whats going on with their trucks, the stopping them
>BEFORE the DAMAge part, and that we should I say
>Flak and Helmet on, ............But I know that you (ARMY) cant shoot that
>well either so Im not worried.
>Just some good ole Rivalry Boss................
>Cliff Smith
>'70 Tan USMC M151A2
>From: "Paul A. Thomas"
>To: (Military Vehicles Mailing List)
>Subject: Re: [MV] A safety warning for loading trailers
>Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 17:36:10 -0800
> > Sorry I had yet to see someone say this............watched many a
> Marines NOT do this and chased trucks DOWN hill........chocks still
> > beind them on the ground.
>Gee: never saw that happen to Army guys...
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