Re: [MV] A safety warning for loading trailers

Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 05:46:27 PST

After I restored my 1945 MB, the first show I took it to
was held at Fort Dix, NJ. I placed jack stands under the
rear of my car trailer and drove the MB on. Dix is about
a 2-1/2 hour drive from my place, going up bumpity-bump
Rte. 206. After I arrived, I placed the jack stands and
drove the MB off. No indication of a problem. After the
show, I loaded the MB, put the stands in the tool box
and proceeded to leave. WHAM! Bump, bump and a
jerk backwards. I looked in the mirror and was shocked
to see the trailer disconnected from the hitch. I had
forgotten to lock the ball hitch when I hooked up the
trailer. Serious case of dumb guy. Apparently, I had
more tongue weight for the drive up than after I loaded
for the drive home. Enough weight to prevent the
trailer and my beloved MB from taking a ride on their
lucky, real lucky.
My apologies for the long non MV posting last night.
Months of sitting here alone, except for my dog that
only understands a little English and can't speak it,
and being too nasty out to work on trucks, no more
24/7 home health aid work... I'm bored!
Joe Young

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