Re: [MV] M35 and M37 plastic models?

From: Bjorn Brandstedt (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 04:55:51 PST

Thanks for your help!
It is curious that one of the most popular MV's, the M37, would not be a
popular scale model as well. With its basic, simple and rugged design it
could be a very satisfactory model to build.
The M37 turns out to be an outstanding teaching tool. As you may or may not
know (a couple of "M37 (101)" postings several weeks ago), our full scale
M37 is sitting in the automotive shop at the local high school here, worked
on by the students.

Again, thanks to all that responded.

We are getting more sleet and freezing rain this morning and the roads are
iced over...

Have a great day,

Meadows oF Dan, Blue Ridge Mountains, elevation 3000 feet, Virginia
MVPA 19212
1953 M37
1968 M49A2C (w/1972 HIAB crane and w/o 1200 gal tank)
VIC-1 intercom system, not permanently installed.

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>Subject: Re: [MV] M35 and M37 plastic models?
>Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 00:06:18 -0500
>Until about a year and half a go I co-owned a large full line hobby shop,
>so I can perhaps shed some light on this.
>In the G-742 series (M35) there have been a variety of offerings in
>approximately 1/35 scale.
>The absolutely best kits on the G-742 are the ones made by AFV club. They
>offer the M35A2, M49A2C and most recently a gun truck, which I think is
>based on the M35A1 (the latter actually came out after I left the
>industry). These kits are all 1/35 scale, and are the only ones to be made
>of a Multifuel powered deuce. These should be available in any leading
>hobby shop, or by calling the shop I used to own at 1-888-424-6229 and
>asking for Don or Emmo.
>In the past Monogram, Revell and Renwal all offered models of this series
>of trucks, in either M34, M35, or M398 (LaCrosse launcher) versions. These
>were in scales ranging from 1/40 to 1/32.
>A firm named Skybow announced a kit of the M37 in 1/35 scale a couple years
>ago. The have done a number of the WWII 3/4 Dodges, as well as the M38A1
>and M38A1C. The rumor mill recently had it that plans for the M37 have
>been cancelled, but I have not followed up on this.
>To my knowledge the only plastic models of the M37 have been a long
>discontinued 1/87 model by Roco, and a vacuum-formed conversion kit offered
>by Schmidt of Germany, which could be combined with components from, as I
>recall, an Italeri WC kit to yield after many hours of work, a M37.
>Hope this helps,
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