Military Vehicles, June 1997,: Re: [MV] Gage , drive pinion setting set

Re: [MV] Gage , drive pinion setting set

R. Notton (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 02:57:20 -0400

Message text written by John Emery
>I'm wondering if given the questions you are asking if you really should=

attempting to do this kind of work. No disrespect, and I realise we ALL
to learn this stuff at some point, but trying to get original special
rebuild tools is kind of pointless unless your into collecting the tools
themselves. Most of them are usless anyway. =

As far as resetting a ring & pinion, check out other repair manuals for
other vehicles and see if any one method in particular strikes you as bei=
easier or more straight forward. There are many ways to get the same

In general:

Removing an oil seal - big screwdriver
Replacing an oil seal - old bearing cup, piece of pipe, etc.
Checking R&P runnout and backlash - a cheap machinists dial indicator wit=
magnetic base
Checking bearing preload - hand feel or small torque wrench
Checking gear wear pattern - prussian blue paste or blue layout die

Having set Dana gears from 23's to 85's my observation is that unless you=
racing or running high loads, it just isn't that critical to get a pictur=
perfect setup. Have some preload, have some backlash, have a wear patter=
thats on the tooth, and call it a day.<

This is excellent advice, take heed. "Fighting" MV's were not generally
designed to be smooth, comfy, quiet and economical, but to operate under
severe conditions. The hardware is therefore more agricultural than
automotive. Its doubtful if any of these "factory" parameters were still=

in spec after the first ten miles!

(Southampton UK)

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