re: [MV] Fuel Gauge grounding problem
4 DEC 97 10:29:32 EST

Hi Walter,
Your frame could be either one. The true WOF/H frame has small differences
you can use to decide and Beckers book has good photos of them like the U
shaped supports welded in the frame channel between the bumper and front
crossmember. The brackets to mount things on (like the grill) are welded in
addition to being riveted. There could be numbers stamped where Ford stamped
their serial number and on the outside face of the frame above the right side
of the rear axle. Lots of interesting things. Andy Carter's site is excellent
for info and pictures and Andy is a terrific man with loads of information.
He's at if you want
to look. Mathias Schmidt has a homepage of his Hotchkiss at for your viewing pleasure.
Is your body WOF/H? Look for the number stamped in the sheetmetal just
above the fuel filter on the cowling. There are other small differences in
the body too. I'd be happy to provide copies of relevant pages from Dad's
collection of books if you need them.
Good Luck with the gauge problem, electricity and I don't get along very

Dennis O'Connor
Naugatuck, CT, USA

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