Re: [MV] looking to buy 6x6

Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 19:19:58 PST

Anybody ever buy a perfect Deuce? Not for less than
$20,000. I know people who have done frame up
restorations, and there are still some things that
will need repair as the truck is used.

Even when someone like Joe Young who goes over
everything that can possibly be thought of before
selling a truck, there is always something that is not
perfect. It is not that people are telling you that
the truck is perfect. You have to know what is good to
buy, what is bad to buy, what can be foolish to buy,
and what can actually be dangerous. Then, you figure
out what you are willing to pay for each catagory, and
which catagory the truck you are looking at fits in.
Depending upon your knowledge, abilities and finances,
you would be smart to avoid someo of those catagories
I mentioned.

You are buying a used vehicle - just like a used car.
You have to expect that some things are worn, either
through time and/or use. You get what you pay for.
Make sure you kick the tires :-)


Quoting william f cox <>:

> Just from my personal exp. I would look for signs of
brake fluid on tires
> under truck, ( or gear oil streaks ), oil leaking
from clutch bell
> housing drain ( indicating trans or rear main engine
seal leaking ) and
> under hood for signs of fuel/oil gaskets leaking.
> My truck also had too much play in steering. Found
broken and loose
> bolts that mount steering gearbox to chassis. Also
found broken and
> missing studs on top of left front steering knuckle
that mount the plate
> for steering rod. The steering drag link also needed
> That should give you a few places to start with. I
am sure others on
> this list can give more places for you to look.
These are just a few of
> the things I had to fix on my truck.
> Frank
> On Wed, 26 Feb 2003 03:07:24 -0600 John Fuller
<> writes:
> > Hi list,
> >
> > Need help in what to look for when buying an AM
GEN MDL 35A2C with
> > 48000 miles and 426 hours that Government Liq. Has
on auction early
> > next month located close to me in Missouri. I
currently have an
> > M1008 and M1009 and I know these trucks inside and
out, but I have
> > no experience with the 35a2c and need help on what
to look for
> > before I bid.
> >
> > Thanks John Fuller
> > 1984 M1009 45,000 miles mint condition
> > 1985 M1008 beater with snow plow
> >
> >
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